Women's wellness program in KPR college

Thulasi conducted an awareness program on women wellness at KPR college, Coimbatore on Feb 2019. A variety of topics were covered, some of which were beauty cosmetics, fast food, mobile usage, family relationships, pad usage etc. Around 200 students and faculty attended the event and gained immensely from the talk.

Natural alternatives to fast food and beauty cosmetics were shared. Side effects of all commonly used products such as eyeliner, lipstick, cream, lotion, soap, shampoo, hair color were discussed. Also it’s impact on vital organs such as lungs, skin, long and short intestine and stomach were shared. 

Speaker enlightened the students on how excessive consumption of fast food leads to obesity, intestinal/parasitic worms and also menstrual issues. 

Other topics included proper pad usage, PCOD problem, irregular menstrual cycle and over bleeding. Alternative use of cloth and organic products were stressed upon.

It is very important that the youth be made aware of whats the right way to lead a healthy life at appropriate phase in their life so that they are equipped to make better choices in future.