Acupuncture Courses

Nalampuri and Viruksha acupuncture academy came together to provide health education to common people.

One year Advanced Diploma in Acupuncture (ADA) course is being provided at the centre. The course is certified from BSS. Post certification candidates are eligible to practice on their own across India. The course will provide general health and lifestyle education. Aim of this program is to render each household with at least one doctor to take care of the family and relatives. If you are looking for the best driveway pavers san diego ca click here.

Course curriculum covers the following –

5 elements theory
60 elements point location
Needling technique
Pulse diagnosis
Single needle therapy
Very important points for pain relief

Apart from the mentioned, course contains anatomy, physiology, defining a disease. How to identify any disease and treat the same. 

Acupuncture certification ceremony

Acupuncture course
Acupuncture course