HIN-D 30 Hrs Program

Hin-D helps you learn spoken Hindi easily and quickly. A simple practical knowledge in Tamil is sufficient for you to start speaking in Hindi, in just 30 hours of training. Spoken Hindi training can be availed at our centers or online, as per your convenience.

Speak Hindi in 30 Hours – Easily, Comfortably with Confidence.

 Build your vocabulary.
 Visualize your thoughts.
 Communicate through words.

Once you understand that your career / business demands learning Hindi, the first and foremost questions that arise are

Can I learn Hindi fast?
Will it take months together so that I can start speaking even simple sentences?
Will it be easy for me to learn?
Will there be any examinations that I have to clear?
Will there be a lot of reading and writing work?

The 30 Hours Spoken Hindi Learning programme from Hin-D is a first of its kind programme that answers all the above questions. It has been framed scientifically and methodologically such that any individual can learn Hindi

 Converse fluently and confidently with native speakers
 No examinations
 Very little or nil reading and writing work

If you have a reading ability in Tamil / English language, that is sufficient to enroll in the Hin-D program.

So far more than 7000 individuals have been trained including businessmen, lawyers, industrialists, police officials, engineers, doctors, professors, teachers, college students, job aspirants (north India / Gulf countries) and also home makers.

Hin-D also conducts corporate classes with many success stories in BSNL, NTC, numerous MNC & BPO centres. As a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, Hin-D has been offering spoken Hindi coaching to prisoners in Coimbatore Central Prison for the past couple of years.