People of Tamil Nadu for their livelihood move to North India. In the same way, more number of North Indians are coming to Tamil Nadu to do business and it is a necessity for us to interact with them in Hindi. So, the North Indians have to learn Tamil in order to interact with locals.

Tamil is an ancient language. “Innovate Zone” has designed a 60-hour short term effective Tamil Learning Methodology and Doctors, Professors, Press Reporters, College Students, Home Makers are joining in this short term course and get training to speak Tamil fluently, visit this website.

 This short term Spoken Tamil course is designed in two modules i.e.
Writing, Reading,and Speaking
Spoken Tamil.

 There is no batch system.
 Classes are held according to the convenience of the students.

 Individual attention is given to every student to speak Tamil fluently.

 An effective Tamil learning methodology

 Face to face learning session