POOPU 2018 program co-ordinator

Poopu program was conducted by healer Mathivanan in month of . Thulasi took part as a coordinator in this event.  The program discussed women physical/mental health and lifestyle from childhood to old age.

Speakers talked about improving food habits and touched upon female maturity, menstrual and menopause phases and their impact on physical and mental health during each phase, look vacaville swimming pool near me . Equally important was to be made aware on how to take care of oneself during these periods.

Prominent speakers at this event were healer Baskar, Mrs. Mani Mozhi, homeo. Prema, Iyarkai kumar, Mr. Ranganathan, Mr. Ramashanmugam and healer Mathivanan.

Special attraction at this all day event was Parai dance of Tamil Nadu.