Why HIN-D?

Hin-D : Speak Hindi in 30 Hours

Easily, Comfortably with Confidence.

Once you understand that your career / business demands learning Hindi, the first and foremost questions that arise are

 Can I learn Hindi fast?
 Will it take months together So that I can start speaking Even simple sentences?
 Will it be easy for me to learn?
 Will there be any examinations that I have to clear?
 Will there be a lot of reading and writing work?

The 30 Hours Spoken Hindi Learning programme Hin-D is a first of its kind programme that answers all the above questions. It has been framed scientifically and methodologically such that any individual can learn Hindi

To converse fluently and confidently with native speakers
 With no examinations
 With very little or nil reading and writing work

Hin-D is a division of INNOVATE ZONE successful in the language education industry from 1999, providing an organized and scientific approach to spoken Hindi training that suits every learner.

Hin-D offers you a strong foundation in learning the basics of speaking in Hindi. Our course has been carefully designed after extensive research to cover all the basic grammar and spoken language constructs such that at the end of the course you will be able to speak Hindi naturally like a native speaker.

Hind-D helps you to enrich your vocabulary with appropriate words, phrases and terms related to your needs – be it based on your profession, official, business or day to day conversation at the household, neighborhood or market. If you have a reading ability in Tamil / English language, that is sufficient to enrol in the Hin-D program.

We have been continuously tuning our course over the past 18 years with inputs from our training team and students laying more emphasis on learning the fundamentals without much time spent on written, reading and memorizing practices. We understand the value of time of our students and hence our Hindi training course requires very little – practically nil reading and writing exercises. The very minimal exercises for writing and reading would however ensure that you will be able to read and write also.

Hin-D excels in providing personalized training and understands the differences in each individual learner’s need and knowledge level and introduced the “NO BATCH / NO TIME SYSTEM” for the first time in India in the year 1999.

Hin-D is delivered through interactive individual learning sessions. The experienced team supports the learners face-to-face with close attention and ensures they learn to speak Hindi confidently, irrespective of their age and education level.

So far more than 10,000 individuals have been trained including businessmen, lawyers, industrialists, police officials, engineers, doctors, professors, teachers, college students, job aspirants (North India / Gulf countries) and also home makers.

So why do you wait now? Join Hin-D, learn spoken Hindi the fast effective way like thousands of others. We not just teach you spoken Hindi. We help you

 Build your vocabulary.
 Visualize your thoughts.
 Communicate through words.